3310 Buckingham Road, Glendale

The inspiration for the Villa came from many European visits, specifically to the northern regions Italy and Spain. The hillside villages with centuries old structures that had been adapted with each generation were the starting point for this challenging hillside lot.  Other inspirations were castles and a 16th century monastery in Spain.

The Villa was designed and built by Escott O. Norton. He comes from a long line of  quality home developers,  going back to his great grandfather J. C. Norton who developed one of the first communities in Phoenix AZ,  now the Del Norte historic district.

The lot was purchased in 1999, and over the next 4 years, three different homes were designed.  Every time a design was finalized the City of Glendale amended the Hillside Zoning ordinance, requiring a new design.  Finally,  in 2004, Mr. Norton presented his proposal to the Design Review Board, where it was enthusiastically given a 1st time Final Approval.

Building Plans were then produced with multiple goals, the home would visually be true to the ancient buildings that inspired it,  would be engineered and built as strongly as possible, AND contain the latest in modern “green” construction techniques.  The plans were submitted to plan-check which required more than 2 years to process because of the complex design and engineering, and the use of new building technology.  Finally, on May 21, 2007, the building permit was issued. Now the REAL work began!

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