3310 Buckingham Road, Glendale

While the Villa appears on the surface to be firmly rooted in the Old World,  hidden inside the walls are many innovative technologies,  both for construction, environmental efficiency,  and for the comfort and conveniences of the home owner.

ICF  (Integrated Concrete Form) Construction

All structural elements of the Villa are built with poured-in-place concrete and steel, using a forming system generically called ICFs.  The ICF block is two 2.5” walls of expanded poly-styrene (styrofoam) held apart by web spacers.  These blocks lock together much like LEGOS and are stacked to form walls.  Steel reinforcing bar (rebar) is inserted at regular intervals.  Concrete is then pumped in to the cavity to form the structural wall. The ICF form stays in place as insulation and the finish is attached with screws to the web spacers.  This creates a super insulated and very strong structure.

Floors and Ceilings are also formed using a similar technology,  called Am-Deck. Temporary shoring is built,  steel joists are set on the shoring, and the foam forms snap on to the steel joists. When the concrete is poured it forms the new slab with integrated concrete I-beams.  Once the concrete reaches full strength, the shoring is removed and used at the next pour.

Keyless Entry

The main entry door is outfitted with a keyless lock option.  Once the owners fingerprints have been scanned by the lock,  a simples swipe of the finger and the lock opens.  Locking it when leaving is even easier,  a few simple taps on the sensor and the door is locked!

Central Vacuum

The Villa is equipped by a central vacuum system with 2 retractable hoses,  one on each floor. Simply pull the hose out to the desired length, attach the handle and turn on via the remote button on the handle.  When finished the hose retracts back into the wall with suction. The motor unit is in the garage,  for easy emptying.

Thermador Cooking Appliances

The gourmet kitchen is equipped with top of the line Thermador cooking appliances.

Sharp Microwave Drawers

The gourmet kitchen and the roof deck kitchen are both equipped with Sharp Microwave drawers.

Subsurface drip system

The roof lawn is automatically irrigated with a special drip system installed under the grass.  There is no overspray and no evaporation, so the lawn can be used while it is being watered.

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